In the Clouds 

Banana Asylum proposal for collaboration with the Centro Desarrollo Sociocultural 

Commissioned by Conexiones Improbables

For this project our team of artist and anthropologist propose to set up a series of systems for exchange within the chosen cultural institution. Our project will involve an initial research phase, supported by anthropological, narrative based research, into the nature and significance of these spaces for people within the community. As part of this research process we will set up a series of activities; taking library books on walks within the community, making films in the class room, bringing the cloud into public life and letting the information overflow inform the types of encounter that are possible within these spaces.

Through the method of participant observation we will engage local communities in thinking and talking about the institutions and objects that have played a role in their cultural lives. From further in-depth discussion and interview, we will create actions, film and performative interventions to engage interdisciplinary experiences from the materials found within the given cultural contexts. Through this period of research and action we hope to rethink institutional practices, exploring and evaluating the ways in which the information age and cloud culture changes the nature of local needs.