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17th March 2012 in Penaranda de Bracamonte at the Fundacion German Sanchez Ruiperez


OPEN LAB in Melbourne!!!!!!!!

Cultural Centres for the Future – the library

Presented by ARTSHOUSE, Banana Asylum, FSGR and Conexionnes Improbables.Libraries are places that are naturally interdisciplinary, porous and open to imaginative trajectories. In an increasingly digital world, libraries are seeking new ways to engage audiences and readers with changing bodies of knowledge. In this context Banana Asylum in collaboration with the Fundacion Germán Sánchez Ruipérez, are working with the staff, to imagine the ‘Cultural centre for the future’’. The aim of the project is to reconcile cultural consumption in an emerging culture of cloud technology with a physical space of encounter, making conversation a fundamental basis of the relationship between citizens, culture and the community. This OpenLab is an opportunity to bring artists working in libraries together to discuss converging practices and opportunities for nterdisciplinary dialogue in a library context.Banana Asylum have been commissioned by Connexiones Improbables to work with the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation, through its Sociocultural Development Centre located in Peñaranda de Bracamonte (Salamanca, Spain). Banana Asylum are a collaboration between Madeleine Hodge (artist) and Leili Sreberny-Mohammadi (anthropologist) based in London. The primary concern is exploring the disciplinary boundaries between art and anthropology, while creating interventions in which the two practices may mimic and diverge.Banana Asylum will present ‘In the Clouds‘, a working project, with Madeleine in Melbourne and Leili and the team from the Foundation connecting via Skype (in English). With Melbourne Artists Lara Thoms, Ross Coulter and Robert Heather Senior Curator from the State Library of Victoria.Artistic and documentary interventions will be provided by field theory

Wine and snacks will be provided for the discussion.When: 9th December 2011, 3pm – 6pm
Where: Arts House (, North Melbourne Town Hall, 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne 3051
Target audience: artists, researchers, librarians, cultural and digital anthropologists, archivists, arts managers and those interested in the future.
Register for the workshop by sending an email to


In May 2011 Banana Asylum were selected by Conexiones Improbable to undertake a research project in collaboration with the Fundacion German Sanchez Ruiperez (dedicated to the promotion of reading) in Penaranda de Bracamonte, Spain.

Taking into account the paradigm shift we are experiencing in terms of cultural/work and leisure behaviour, with a streaming culture – cloud culture – that is gradually being imposed, the research requested is to investigate what role is being played within this context by the cultural centre’s spaces located in the countryside (library, exhibition hall, auditorium and classrooms) and what skills should the people managing these spaces hold. See more about the project here.

From June 2011 – March 2012 Banana Asylum will be visiting the FGSR in Penaranda to conduct this research.

Our next trip is scheduled for 26th June – 2 July 2011.

Nos Veremos en Espania!!