Banana Asylum are a team interested in the cusp of art and anthropology, in the place where one thing becomes another and in the conversation that can take place the bridge between these two fields of encounter. Through our projects we are attempting to map this terrain of connections and mishaps, traffic signs and detours.

Leili Sreberny-Mohammadi is a writer and researcher. She holds a Masters in Science with Distinction in Digital Anthropology, from University College London. Leili has conducted research in the fields of visual culture, media and technology with a number of organizations including the BBC World Service, Wieden & Kennedy and The Open University, using film and photography to conduct and present her research. She has worked within television and arts production for a number of years, producing contemporary dance, music, film and literature events in London at The Southbank Centre, The Tricycle Cinema, London Diaspora Music Festival and The School for Oriental and African Studies.

Madeleine Hodge is an artist, writer and researcher exploring participatory performance practices across live art, site based performances, installation and video.  Through her solo works and in collaboration with Panther, The Agency for Collective Action, Mimic Mass and Field Theory she has created a space for cultural enquiry, audience activation and social critique. She has produced works in residencies, festivals and venues throughout Europe, Asia and Australia, including; West Space Galleries, Melbourne, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow ANTI Festival, Finland, PACT, Germany, the Singapore Festival, Melbourne Arts Festival, Arts house, Melbourne, Performance Space, Sydney, Australia Council for the Arts and South Project, Indonesia.