Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

For the 25th birthday celebrations at the FSGR Banana Asylum are presenting the final stages of our connections improbable project…. with films, walks, discussions, installations and an experiment in social media performance the project will explore the relation between the digital and the real in both the fictitious and physical spaces of the library and the centre. Two of the projects are detailed below.

Un paseo en la nube (a walk in the cloud)

Downloadable on MP3 this fictious walk through penaranda is composed of the favorite texts of our collaborators in the centre, (pablo neruda, miguel unamuno, pythagoras, Miguel Hernández and others). these texts will fabricate real and imagined encounters with the town.

The virtual life of Augusto Perez

La Niebla (fog) recounts the story of Augusto – a man who spends his life in a fog of philosophical confusion. Seemingly a meditation on love, the novel is composed of a series of tricks and deceits played on Augusto by the other characters, on the characters by the author, and by the author on his reader. We have been working with a small group of actors to recreate this story on facebook and the results will be presented in a funny lecture on the day of the celebrations.

on the walk in the cloud