Daily Archives: August 30, 2011

In the Clouds, surrounded by fog

Light travels differently in the fog, we are blinded, surrounded, waiting for the sun to come up.

The theme of the fog came to us from the Director of the centre Javier Valbuena, by way of a Spanish book by Miguel Unamuno (a basque writer who spent most of his life in Salamanca) it is about a fictional character Augusto, whose complicated love life leads him to wanting to kill himself. Before he does however he visits the home of the author to ask his expert opinion, in their conversation the author (Unamuno) reveals that Augusto is a fictional creation and that as his life is not real it is therefore not possible for him to end. In the book the character sees “his world as full of small and almost imperceptible occurrences, some of them good some of them bad, and all of them serve to obscure his vision.”La Niebla (Fog) is then a condition under which we live somewhere between reality and fiction.

While at the Edinburgh Festival for work, I’ve seen many different shows which have provided a lot of inspiration for Banana Asylum’s upcoming visit to Spain. Importantly, it is clear how many theatre makers/ live artists are embracing new technologies of various kinds in their work. Terms such as pervasive media,  locative theatre, iterative and immersive have been ringing in my ears.

So far I’ve seen a few performances which have made me think and feel, it is only ever one or the other that I ask from an artwork.

I, Infinite by Tom Dale Company was a wholly immersive piece of choreography performed in a white dance studio. Audience members could view the solo dancer from all angles and get as close to her as they dared. The mode was a sombre look in the future as Dale created a work which looked at the ‘beauty of human movement through a digital perspective’. Of particular note was the moment in which the dancer moved underneath a haze of dry ice. The lighting was such that is felt as if she her body was brought alive by her breath allowing her to move in and out of visibility while lying under the haze. The use of ‘fog’ in such a beautiful way is something BA can explore further for this project.