Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

An Introduction in June

At the end of June Banana Asylum returned to Penaranda de Bracamonte to begin phase one of our project. The week consisited of interviews with every staff member at the centre. Our motivation was to get to know each staff member better, not only in their roles as employees at FGSR, but as individuals. We were also interested in gauging interest and/ or barriers to the project, so we could understand obstacles that might present themselves along the way.

In spending a week in Penaranada we came to learn that, well, all streets lead to the centre. It really is a tiny town, something we are both unfamiliar with, adding to the intensity of the project. We located some beautful locations around town and became very excited about what me might be able to do with them!

By the end of the week we had consumed a huge amount of jamon y queso, began to understood the rhythm of Penaranda and identified some of the FGSR staffs main concerns. On the whole people were excited, but apprehensive about the project. There is a real sense of pride for all the staff that work there, something that makes doing this kind of project inspiring for us, but also understandable that they are concerned about what we will get them to do! Fog continues to be a theme as we asked each staff member a memory they have of fog. It is useful to use this as a guding principle and to realise how murky and threatening it is to most.